About Us

Loe Marcoline


Loe and her Oma (Grandma) are super heroes who do not think the Taos Hum Raw Green is hot.

Joe Marcoline

Joe combined his passion for working the land with his love for high quality hot sauce and to begin Taos Hum – Make it Stop! Using a science-based approach, Joe applies his soil physics, hydrology and engineering background to farming in this high altitude, semi-arid region with characteristically poor sandy soils.  The Taos Hum – Make it Stop is part of the mystery and is in many ways an experiment of how to better make things work against many odds, as a highly productive, low input operation while seeing people smile.

In this region, common sense only gets you so far on a farm, watering upon seeing plant response only gets you so far, and with water scarcity, even traditional farming methods only get you so far, especially with limited land short season markets and low dollar crops. High density plantings, heavy cover cropping, creative alternative heating and cooling systems, use of instrumentation for monitoring and control, and crop/value added specialization are all being tested. 

Joe began homesteading, farming and the Taos Hum with a love to understand the how, the what and the why, but the true roots are in the production of a high quality, healthy product that people want to taste and smile after trying.

From mild to hot, come try Taos Hum, and thank you for your continued support!