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Hand Made – Small Batch -  Non-GMO - Gluten Free
Certified New Mexico True

Providing New Mexico and beyond a line of Flavorful, Natural, Healthy, Hot Sauces for every occasion!

The strange mystery of the Taos Hum has been solved!! Only some can hear it, we promise you will feel and taste it, and no one can make it Stop!  If you have never been in Taos and do not hear the Taos Hum, you can check out this link & this link too!

THE TAOS HUM· MAKE IT STOP HOT SAUCE is made from a variety of fresh peppers that are all grown by us at Walking Trout Farm. Read about us and the farm below. Fresh peppers are hand harvested, sorted, de-stemmed, some are roasted over an apple wood fire. The fresh and roasted peppers are blended with local wine vinegar with a touch of salt right here in Taos, New Mexico. Our hot sauces highlight the flavor of each individual pepper, never masked or overpowered by dehydrated onion, garlic powders or other flavors or bulked up with carrots, tomatoes or other fillers.

We harvest and bottle the Taos Hum once a year starting in December. Flavors vary slightly each year depending on the annual yield of each pepper, annual differences in temperature and water supply as well as additions of new pepper varieties. We listen to our customers and believe these annual changes result in the Taos Hum being more like a wine with unique flavor characteristic specific to each year. Our small batch production, process and locally derived ingredients separate us from so many of the other hot sauces that are available.  As Nathan Moore says "Git you some!"

Experience the unique, hand-made small batch Taos Hum!