Peach Habanero

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Sweet & fruity with a gentle burn!

Anyone who has driven from Santa Fe to Taos in New Mexico along the winding Mighty Rio Grande has seen this view. Climb out of the canyon and witness a spectacular view of the Taos Mountains, the Taos Gorge with an iconic tree and rustic mailbox in the foreground.  This hot sauce represents Northern New Mexico to a Tee…. Large orange Habanero peppers, local Organic Peaches from Freshies of New Mexico and Taos Honey Companies sweet amber honey highlight the best of the region… sharp rugged cliffs and mountains with soft sweet Alpen glow skylines.  Come visit us in Taos, or try the Taos Hum Peach Habanero!


Check out the photos of the habaneros, the organic peaches and the Iconic tree that is on the label!