A 2 Bottle New Mexico Red and Green Bundle! - Gift Bag

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In New Mexico, the State question is "Red or Green?" Try both with our Red Green Bundle! This 2 bottle package features Taos Hum Mild Roasted Ghost & Roasted Red Ghost hot sauces wrapped in a gift bag!

Roasted Ghost is our mildest Hot Sauce with classic New Mexico flavors. 100% fresh green peppers with a strong charred jalapeno character, flame roasted over an apple-wood fire. 

Red Ghost is our classic Hot Sauce. 85% fire roasted red peppers, 15% fresh organic peppers.  The unique blend of fresh red peppers and the apple wood fire roasted red give this hot sauce a creamy feel with unique favors and depth – nothing like tabasco.  Same product, but there are variations on the Red Ghost Labels as shown in the photos...